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Old 08-19-2003, 06:53 PM
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Default ISE Foundation 4.1i compatibility

I have Windows XP at home so I can only install Xilinx Webpack 5.2i. My
University has the ISE Foundation 4.1i edition and i want to know if I can
simulate designs done from home on Webpack 5.2i on the University's ISE 4.1i
edition so I can confirm my designs on the Digilab XLA5 board there. (using
spartan XCS10 fpga). As we are beginners I think most of our designs will be
schematic based and not VDHL. Obviously ISE 4.1i designs will not run on
WebPACK 5.2i but that is not a problem as most of my design will be done
from home. If I did not have XP I would just buy the Xilinx University
Student 4.2i edition but then again I dont know if that simpler version is
directly compatible with ISE 4.1i. Any suggestions?



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