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Old 07-25-2003, 03:38 PM
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Default Re: signalscan view(modelsim) - content of memory array

Most of the wave viewers I have worked with will not allow you to probe a
memory. The only way I have found to work around this is to put some "test"
structures in the code.

wire [3:0] myram_0, myram_1, myram_2,....;

assign myram_0 = myram[0];
assign myram_1 = myram[1];

then you can probe myram_0, myram_1, etc...

Obviously, this doesn't work for every location in an arbitrarily large
RAM - but for 16 elements, its not so bad. The definition and assignments to
myram_0, myram_1 are harmless to the rest of the simulation, and if you want
to be paranoid, you can wrap them in


and define the variable only when you want to probe the RAM (add
+define+DEBUG_MYRAM) to the command line for you simulation), or you can put
them in translate_off/translate_on statements.


"pradeep" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected] m...
> hi,
> in my coding i have used memory declaration
> reg [3:0] myram[15:0],
> during simulation(ncsim, signalscan waveform) i am not able to add
> this memory to the waveform viewer,
> is there any other way to view the content of the memory
> and i also face the same problem with modelsim
> with regards
> G.Pradeep.

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