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Old 01-02-2006, 08:55 PM
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Default Problem in Serial Port Transmitter


This code is not working for me (nothing is shown in hyperterm). Could
someone tell me any possible errors?

// RS-232 TX module
// (c) fpga4fun.com KNJN LLC - 2003, 2004, 2005

//`define DEBUG // in DEBUG mode, we output one bit per clock cycle
(useful for faster simulations)
//`define RegisterInput // in RegisterInput mode, the input doesn't
have to stay valid while the character is been transmitted

module async_transmitter(clk, TxD_start, TxD_data, TxD, TxD_busy);
input clk, TxD_start;
input [7:0] TxD_data;
output TxD, TxD_busy;

parameter ClkFrequency = 25000000; // 25MHz
parameter Baud = 115200;

// Baud generator
parameter BaudGeneratorAccWidth = 16;
reg [BaudGeneratorAccWidth:0] BaudGeneratorAcc;
`ifdef DEBUG
wire [BaudGeneratorAccWidth:0] BaudGeneratorInc = 17'h10000;
wire [BaudGeneratorAccWidth:0] BaudGeneratorInc =

wire BaudTick = BaudGeneratorAcc[BaudGeneratorAccWidth];
wire TxD_busy;
always @(posedge clk) if(TxD_busy) BaudGeneratorAcc <=
BaudGeneratorAcc[BaudGeneratorAccWidth-1:0] + BaudGeneratorInc;

// Transmitter state machine
reg [3:0] state;
wire TxD_ready = (state==0);
assign TxD_busy = ~TxD_ready;

always @(posedge clk)
4'b0000: if(TxD_start) state <= 4'b0001;
4'b0001: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b0100;
4'b0100: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b1000; // start
4'b1000: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b1001; // bit 0
4'b1001: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b1010; // bit 1
4'b1010: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b1011; // bit 2
4'b1011: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b1100; // bit 3
4'b1100: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b1101; // bit 4
4'b1101: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b1110; // bit 5
4'b1110: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b1111; // bit 6
4'b1111: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b0010; // bit 7
4'b0010: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b0011; // stop1
4'b0011: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b0000; // stop2
default: if(BaudTick) state <= 4'b0000;

`ifdef RegisterInput
reg [7:0] TxD_dataD;
always @(posedge clk) if((state==0) & TxD_start) TxD_dataD <= TxD_data;
wire [7:0] TxD_dataD =TxD_data;

// Output mux
reg muxbit;
always @(*)
3'd0: muxbit <= TxD_dataD[0];
3'd1: muxbit <= TxD_dataD[1];
3'd2: muxbit <= TxD_dataD[2];
3'd3: muxbit <= TxD_dataD[3];
3'd4: muxbit <= TxD_dataD[4];
3'd5: muxbit <= TxD_dataD[5];
3'd6: muxbit <= TxD_dataD[6];
3'd7: muxbit <= TxD_dataD[7];

// Put together the start, data and stop bits
reg TxD;
always @(posedge clk) TxD <= (state<4) | (state[3] & muxbit); //
register the output to make it glitch free



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Old 01-02-2006, 08:56 PM
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Default Re: Problem in Serial Port Transmitter

Could someone also list the proper procedure and a checklist for
connecting my FPGA to PC through serial ports and using

Thanks in Advance.

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