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Old 12-19-2003, 02:10 AM
Robert Schopmeyer
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Default Editing VCD file

In order to edit VCD files, you can use the Undertow waveform viewer
which has Perl built directly into it.

The Perl is Perl/TK so you can even make very quickly a GUI to select
the signal editing features that you want to have. Using this approach
you could add in any signal editing feature you want quickly, edit the
waveform right on the Undertow waveform window, write it out and then
reload the file to verify you have the right function.

Examples of some of the functions you could add are, "Move Seleced
Signal Edge to Time Point abc", "Change Value of Signal ABC from TO to
T1 to 1,0,Z,X", "Move All Signal Edges for Selected Signal to Cycle
Boundry in Each Cyle as Defined by Signal abc", etc. Each function
would only take just a few minutes to write. You can even use the
Undertow/Undertow Suite to determine exatly which signals are forced
or floating and when. Adding in a number of these feature in Perl
should take just a few hours at most.

If you wish you can get a no cost version of Undertow/Undertow Suite
at www.veritools.com, and send a email to [email protected] to get
a no cost license.

Robert Schopmeyer/Veritools, Inc.
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