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Old 11-11-2007, 03:50 AM
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Default MI5 Persecution: Neil Fox (Nov/1998) (1106)

Foxy's Showtime on Capital FM 25/11/98 7.35pm

Certainty level: 100%

This one, I can say with absolute certainty, is about me. It was recorded
on my Sony Recording Walkman on the evening of Wednesday 25 November 1998.
It doesn't mention me by name, so the objective observer might have trouble
understanding why I'm so sure it's about me. I'm sure, because the
harassment had restarted over the period when this piece was broadcast, and
what Capital transmitted would have been in context with events at the time.
(Sorry if that explanation is somewhat opaque, but I don't really want to
embarrass myself by giving an explanation in detail, and an intelligent
reader should be able to work it out for him/her self.)

This isn't the first time Capital have "got at" me; they were doing so
right at the very beginning in summer 1990, when they said, "if he listens
to Capital then he can't be all bad"; and Tarrant made remarks about me
in his breakfast show in spring 1994, when he said, "you know this bloke?
he says we're trying to kill him. We should be done for attempted

Unfortunately I didn't record those previous, much more conclusive
instances of harassment by Capital DJs, and Capital Radio tells me they
only keep recordings for three months. But lately I've been recording
everything, and here is one product of that recording.

Neil Fox was introducing some petite Swedish songstress, sounded like
Amelia, when he said something about her petite-ness ;

"she's a big big girl, actually she's really about tiny, she's this big,
would you say what less than....."

then one of his studio staff shouted, "six inches"

then Fox laughed and said, "less than a meter tall, definitely"

What I think the "six inches" referred to should be obvious. I think it's
***ual abuse directed at me.

Also there were a lot of words like "crazy", "mad" etc on this programme,
which reinforced my belief that this was on purpose directed at myself.

I think Fox may be something of an unwilling participant in this abuse, he
doesn't want to be an abuser but the persecutors are using his show and
his staff to get at me. This is not the first time this sort of thing has
happened from his show; and my guess is that it won't be the last


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