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Old 11-11-2007, 05:18 AM
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Default MI5 Persecution: Flying Eye (Mar/1999) (3280)

Jackie King from the Flying Eye 14/3/99

Certainty level: 40%

In early March 1999, Capital Radio alleged they had received some emails,
one of which was forwarded to me. It contained the words, "you know this
bloke, he says we're trying to kill him, we should be done for attempted
manslaughter!" which Chris Tarrant had said in 1994.

Following these emails there was an explosion in abuse activity, both from
Capital Radio, and from MI5 themselves. MI5 followed me around and hurled
abuse at me. The following audio file contains what may be abuse from the
radio station.

Jackie King from the Flying Eye made these remarks on Sunday (14/3/99)
lunchtime 12.24pm; "gas main work being, er, HANDLED if you like (laughs,
embarrassed) outside Madame Tussauds, Euston Road obviously feeling the
backlash of that".

The key word is "handled", which she sounds embarrassed to be saying; to
me it looks like an attempt at a ***ual slander. Capital Radio aren't even
pretending not to get at me any more. I asked Chris Tarrant several times
about his remark from 1994, and he has consistently avoided answering.


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