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Old 07-03-2006, 06:27 PM
Robin Bruce
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Default Inferring multiple-DSP48 pipelined multiplier in VHDL

Hi Guys,

I'm having trouble with the following problem:

I'm trying to create a 35x35 signed multiplier from DSP48s, inferring
pipelining in VHDL by adding registers after the multilplication
operation as seen below in the VHDL I'm using.

The problem is that when I synthesise, though I can see that the
synthesiser has noticed that it can shift registers about:

Synthesizing (advanced) Unit <signed_mult_TOP>.
Found pipelined multiplier on signal <mult_inst/_n0000>:
- 2 pipeline level(s) found in a register connected to the multiplier
macro output.
Pushing register(s) into the multiplier macro.

- 2 pipeline level(s) found in a register on signal <mult_inst/A2>.
Pushing register(s) into the multiplier macro.

- 2 pipeline level(s) found in a register on signal <mult_inst/B2>.
Pushing register(s) into the multiplier macro.

the clock rate achieved is still only a meagre 81.171MHz. I'll save my
half-baked hypotheses for now and see if anyone knows what's up here.
Any help you can give would be very much appreciated.



USE ieee.std_logic_1164.ALL;
USE ieee.std_logic_arith.ALL;

ENTITY signed_mult_35x35 IS
generic (PIPE: natural);
port (
clk: IN std_logic;
a: IN signed(34 downto 0);
b: IN signed(34 downto 0);
o: OUT signed(69 downto 0));
END signed_mult_35x35;

ARCHITECTURE signed_mult_35x35_a OF signed_mult_35x35 IS

signal A2 : signed(34 downto 0);

signal B2 : signed(34 downto 0);

subtype mult_result is signed(69 downto 0);
type mult_result_array is array (0 to PIPE - 2) of mult_result;

signal pipeline_array : mult_result_array;


o <= pipeline_array(PIPE - 2);

reg: process(CLK) begin
if(rising_edge(CLK)) then
A2 <= a;
B2 <= b;
pipeline_array(0) <= A2 * B2;
for i in 1 to PIPE - 2 loop
pipeline_array(i) <= pipeline_array(i-1);
end loop;
-- Registering should be fused into DSP48-inferred multiply operation
end if;
end process;

END signed_mult_35x35_a;

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