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Old 05-22-2009, 10:18 AM
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Default HQRP 2-pin Wood / Firewood Moisture Meter HQ-2G - Wood, Wall Damp Meter and Home Inspection Tool plus HQRP Mousepad

Image: http://bestdiscountfinder.info/image.php?id=B000MHQZV4
Best deal: http://bestdiscountfinder.info/index.php?id=B000MHQZV4

After splitting the wood, just touch the probes to the freshly-split area and you'll get a good idea how well the wood will burn. This is helpful before paying for "Seasoned" wood that may not have been cured properly.
I was not happy with this product at all.The tips of the pins on this product bend after a couple times used and would not pierce the piece of firewood I was testing very easily.Then one of the tips stuck into the wood when I pulled it out the end of the product came apart.I e-mailed the company several times to get a response only to find out they wanted me to take pictures of the broken product and explain to them what was wrong for the third time instead of sending a new one with a return envelope to send the broken one back.I put the product back together several times.I guess this is what I get for buying an inexpensive product,but still I should get the same customer service if I would have spent hundreds of dollars.I would not suggest buying this.
I'm an amateur woodworker so I bought this meter thinking that I could find out how dry my wood is. This is not the case. I took a kiln dried piece of wood to it, and I would get 0% sometimes 1%. Then I took a freshly broken twig, and once again I measured the same thing. Now I have looked at other forums and they say you need to push the meter in so the prongs make good contact, this produced the same results. However it does seem to do well with high moisture content items. For instance, if I stick it to a damp sponge I'll measure 40%, then let it dry some I measure 35%. I think that it just doesn't have the resolution to measure the variations of moisture at low levels. It makes sense that the lower the moisture the less water to conduct, so the smaller the signal. Maybe if they just put a 24bit A/D on the device it would be able to measure the small differences at lower moistures. Anyway this is product is a NO for woodworkers. Don't waste your money like I did.
I wouldn't put money on the accuracy of the meter. I get a zero percent on kiln dried wood and above 10 percent moisture on air dried wood. I know that the kiln dried wood is closer to 5 percent and the air dried wood is closer to 14 percent. For the money, I am satisfied that I can tell which wood is dry enough for furniture making and which is not, and that is what I wanted to know. I can't see any reason to have an accurate reading down to a percent or so.
I was looking for a moisture meter that would tell me if I was below 10% moisture content in sawed and solar kiln dried lumber but didn't break the bank. This little meter fills the bill. It doesn't have all of the features of the $200 plus meters... but it works for an amature like me. As an aside - the product is made in China and the directions for use have been translated into English. They are comical to read. They do recommend alkaline batteries and a non alkaline is supplied with it. (But hey, a battery IS supplied!!!) These are observations and don't affect the use of the meter at all. :-)


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