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Old 05-05-2007, 09:27 AM
Sarah McLead
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Default The google scrambler converts copied content into complete new one! google wound find out

If you want to catch more visitors for your ads, adultfriendfinder or backlinks, it will be useful when your website is filled with good content. If you copy text from a website to place it on yours, google will immediately notice! Of course google indexes all websites with a date and the website with the lower date is in the most cases the writer of the text.
Simple: Who publishes first is obviously the writer.

So you will need to scramble the content first, then place it on your website!
For humans the scrambled text makes completely no sence, but for the google-robot it is good as it was before.

I wrote a java program that takes every word from the original text and places it randomly into a new position. It has a minumum distance you can choose by yourself.

By using my programm you prevent google to see a connection between the original content and the scambled one.

DOWNLOAD the file directly as runnable .jar file: googleScrambler.jar


changelog: 0.2 -> 0.2a
+ added option for easy version checking

changelog: 0.1 -> 0.2
* changed from .java to ..jar file format
* new, open and save abilities
* complete redesign of the gui
* add your own distance
+ better exception-handling


alt.fan.countries.laos 0000000005 0000000004 y alt.fan.countries.malaysia 0000000458 0000000457 y alt.fan.countries.netherlands 0000000022 0000000021 y alt.fan.countries.new-zealand 0000000033 0000000033 y alt.fan.countries.russia 0000000021 0000000021 y alt.fan.countries.singapore 0000000012 0000000012 y alt.fan.fog 0000003273 0000003257 y alt.fan.rolex 0000010169 0000009859 y alt.running.out.of.newsgroup.names 0000014087 0000013725 y alt.music.christian.punk 0000000002 0000000003 y alt.music.guitar 0000000269 0000000266 y alt.bad.clams 0000001551 0000001478 y alt.checkmate 0000000995 0000000995 y alt.digitiser.snakes free.uk.talk.l-b.brent 0000000041 0000000041 y free.uk.talk.l-b.bromley 0000000062 0000000062 y free.uk.talk.l-b.camden 0000000075 0000000075 y free.uk.talk.l-b.croydon 0000000109 0000000109 y free.uk.talk.l-b.ealing 0000000034 0000000035 y free.uk.talk.l-b.enfield 0000000063 0000000063 y free.uk.talk.l-b.greenwich 0000000083 0000000083 y free.uk.talk.l-b.hackney 0000000041 0000000042 y free.uk.talk.l-b.hammersmith+fulham 0000000083 0000000083 y free.uk.talk.l-b.haringey 0000000028 0000000028 y free.uk.talk.l-b.harrow 0000000031 0000000032 y free.uk.talk.l-b.havering 0000000024 0000000025 y free.uk.talk.l-b.hillingdon 0000000026 0000000026 y free.uk.talk.l-b.hounslow 0000000032 0000000033 y free.uk.talk.l-b.islington 0000000028 0000000028 y free.uk.talk.l-b.kensington+chelsea 0000000044 0000000044 y free.uk.talk.l-b.kingston-upon-thames 0000000070 0000000071 y free.uk.talk.l-b.lambeth 0000000049 0000000050 y free.uk.talk.l-b.lewisham 0000000058 0000000058 y free.uk.talk.l-b.merton 0000000022 0000000022 y free.uk.talk.l-b.newham 0000000044 0000000045 y free.uk.talk.l-b.redbridge 0000000025 0000000026 y
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