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Old 11-28-2007, 09:16 AM
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Default DDR2 controler


I am currently using the DDR2 controler from XILING (under MIG1.72) for a
I am encountering a problem of access speed when I write to the memory.
Each time I access the memory, my project requires that I use different line
and column addresses
(ie. I am writing in different lines and columns each time ).
first Write access (address) : line 1, column 1
second Write acces (address) : line 2, column 3

Can you indicate me how to use the controler in an optimal way (how can the
delay between the 2 write access be minimized) ?
Should I use the 'PRECHARGE' command ?
Can I use a option in MIG ?.

Please, find below Datasheet generated by MIG Version 1.72

I would be grateful if someone could help me. Thanks in advance

Datasheet generated by MIG Version 1.72 :
Target Device : xc4vlx60-ff668
Speed Grade : -11
DCI for Data : enabled
DCI for Address and Control: disabled

Interface Parameters :
Frequency : 200
Data Width : 16
Depth : 1
Row Address : 13
Column Address : 10
Bank Address : 2
ECC : ECC Disabled

Other Options :
DCM : enabled
Add Test Bench : disabled
Clocking Type : Direct_clocking
ClockCapableIO(CC) : disabled

Design Parameters :
Mode Register :
Burst Length : 4(010)
Burst Type : sequential(0)
CAS Latency : 3(011)
Mode : normal(0)
DLL Reset : no(0)
Write Recovery : 3(010)
PD Mode : fast exit(0)
Extended Mode Register :
DLL Enable : Enable-Normal(0)
Output Drive Strength : Fullstrength(0)
RTT (nominal) : RTT Disabled(00)
Additive Latency (AL) : 0(000)
OCD Operation : OCD Exit(000)
DQS# Enable : Enable(0)
RDQS Enable : Disable(0)
Outputs : Enable(0)

Memory Configuration : DDR2_SDRAM:Components
Part Number : MT47H32M16XX-5E
I used the default MT47H32M16XX-5E model (included
in Mig), but I use
a ELPIDA EDD5116AFTA (32Mx16) on my board

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Old 11-28-2007, 09:45 AM
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Default Re: DDR2 controler


did you notice that you always burst in data. So depending on the
burst length you have to increment your column address by 4 or 8 to
nor overwrite your recent data.
Using long bursts increases your performance because your memory wasts
much time when you switch between read and write mode.
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Old 11-28-2007, 10:52 AM
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Default Re: DDR2 controler

Not sure if this will help you but the Virtex-5 DDR2 controllers have
a feature called Bank Management which improves the management of open
banks in your controller.

The controller keeps track of whether the bank being accessed already
has an open row or not and also decides whether a PRECHARGE command
should be issued or not to that bank. When bank management is enabled
via the MULTI_BANK_EN parameter, a maximum of four banks/rows can open
at any one time. A least recently used (LRU) algorithm is employed to
keep the three most recently used banks and to close the least
recently used bank when a new bank/row location needs to be accessed.
(From MIG UG)

This is not going to be added as a feature in Virtex-4 controllers,
but you can generate a Virtex-5 controller and implement it on a
Virtex-4 device at the cost of a drop in overall performance. But it
is likely that it will improve the delay between different writes (if
they are issues to a open bank).

Just a though,
Good luck
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