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Old 11-11-2003, 12:17 AM
Bill Smith
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Default "clean" or "unprotected" versions of AHDL2X, SYNTHX from Xilinx (ABL2XNF sub tools)

i am attempting to migrate my design environment for a legacy design
based on older xilinx parts from win98 to XP. it's a key problem that
would be resolved by getting non-hardware locked versions of these
programs. if you have these, please forward them to me with the above
subject line. if someone at xilinx can make them for me, the details
are below.

the details:
currently, the compiling is done using a DOS based design flow in XNF
format. the AHDL sections of the design are performed by ABL2XNF
(v5.2.1), but this tool does not work under XP. it simply exits.
this may be unrelated to the key problem, but it appears to be an
unnecessary design flow gizmo - i ran the sub-tools directly under
win98 and the finished result is identical.

the ABL2XNF "sub-tools" are: AHDL2X, BLIFOPTX, SYNTHX, and IMPROVEX.
AHDL2X and SYNTHX both fail in XP because the hardware key can not be
read (though it is present). the other two programs are not locked.
xilinx doc# 902 indicates the key needs a "rainport" driver for NT.
this driver does not appear to work, but configuration information is
not available, rainbow refuses requests for support indicating that
the programs need to be re-linked with their new libraries (which are
free) and then i will need their current drivers.

xilinx tech support says "xilinx does not have the resources..." to
support me on this. the real deal is that they don't know who to ask
in development. it's probably a 10 minute job if the make-files
exist. any xilinx coders out there care to help?

it seems odd that these are the only two programs remain hardware
locked when all of the programs which had previously been locked have
been unlocked in newer versions.

has anyone previously faced this problem and found a functional

many thanks,
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