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Old 11-19-2009, 03:08 PM
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Default Avalon-ST to Avalon-MM Bridge

For Altera Straix4 GX FPGA, Is there a bridge module available
the Avalon-ST to Avalon-MM? Trying to use the PCIE endpoint hard IP
using Altera Megawizard software. But this interface generates the
Avalon streaming output. I think for what I am doing I do not need
very high performance bus and Avalon-MM may work. Avalon MM is much
simpler bus The thing is that the PCIE endpoint interface needs to
connected to several modules with other users trying to design. It
may be much easier in multi-user environment to use the Avalon-MM bus
then to use the Avalon-ST bus. This is why I was just curious if
is Avalon-ST to Avalon-MM bus bridge? This way the endpoint can use
the Avalon-ST bus but then bridge will have Avalon-MM interface which
will allow numerous devices to be on that bus.

I understand that SOPC flow provides this capability but here is what
I am looking for from the PCIe endpoint Verilog module.

- Needs to be verilog module that I can instantiate and synthesize in
my Top verilog file. It seems to be generating the verilog output
it also has a lot other things in that file I may not need. The
verilog output also has some stuff related to simulation. I guess it
is OK to start removing the stuff form this file if I do not need it.
For example I may not need the DMA controller module.
- Only contains PCIe endpoint that has Avelon-MM interface on the the
backside. It will be good to not have other modules.
- I use VCS to simulate and Synplify for synthesis. I am not sure how
well it fits in this flow. I am sure this is documented somewhere
it is taking some time for me to dig through the information.

Any suggestions?
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