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brent 11-29-2009 03:35 AM

RLC circuit tutorial
I have created a tutorial on the series RLC circuit. It uses
interactive flash programs with embedded audio. It is located here:


It consists of three parts:

Program 1: The transient response of the series rlc circuit. It
includes user interaction plus all the math behind deriving the
specific transient response with initial conditions is included

Program 2: The steady state response of the rlc circuit. See how to
interpret the transfer function. Do you know how to interpret the
transfer function when it has complex numbers in it? You can learn by
seeing how negative frequency must be considered. Furthermore, you
will see not only the magnitude response of the steady state response,
but also the phase response! All math explained

Program3: See how the impulse response is derived. Use the
interactive controls to make different rlc circuits and see the
impulse response. Next use convolution to put in various input
waveforms to see the output response of the rlc circuit. You will see
how convolution actually works. The math involved in deriving the
impulse response is explained.

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