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Default Aroma AIC204EM 4 qt. Wooden Ice Cream Maker

List Price:$89.99
Best price found:

I ordered this one because the description specifically says "stainless steel canister". Guess what... IT ISN'T! It's aluminum. This is the same item you can order through Amazon from Target for $20 less. Here's the link (if it doesn't work, just search Amazon for "aroma ice cream maker" and it's the first one listed, $49.99): Aroma 4-qt. Traditional Ice Cream Maker.Now I get to return it, and "Unbeatable"'s return process looks like a whole bundle of fun.
This ice cream maker reminds me of when I was a kid. Can be used with hand crank or electric. Have only used it once, but the consistency was one of the best ice creams I've ever made. Be sure to follow the directions, crush your ice up well so it will blend smoothly.. I'm very happy with this, especially when I see how much other freezers cost.
I used this ice cream maker 3 times. Each time it was very hard to engage the shaft with the gears to make it turn. It worked better with the hand crank than the electric motor. The third time, the electric motor would not engage at all. The hand crank engaged but, once the ice cream was soft, the cheap plastic gears would just slip. A tip: If you get it to work, the owners manual says to add water to your ice/salt mixture. However, it freezes much better without the extra water.
Aroma AIC204EM 4 qt. Wooden Ice Cream Maker

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