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Jonathan Bromley
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Default Re: Survey: What's a good FPGA-related conference?

On Fri, 15 May 2009 13:00:00 -0700, Mike Treseler wrote:

>The surviving conferences
>are focused on academia and sales rather than practical design.

I think that's perhaps a little unfair to DesignCon and
DVCon, both of which usually have plenty of very practical
content. But it is certainly true that they tend to be
more ASIC than FPGA focused. And it is also true that
some other well-known conferences emphasise academic
developments (fascinating to tool developers, but less
interesting to design grunts like you and me) at the
expense of practical considerations.

You may well find that the tool vendors' user-group
meetings (Synopsys SNUG, Cadence CDNLive, Mentor u2u)
are a good source of practical know-how. And they tend
to be less expensive to attend than the mainstream
conferences, and to offer events in a wider range of
geographical locations.
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