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Andreas Ehliar
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Default Re: Survey: What's a good FPGA-related conference?

On 2009-05-14, Poojan Wagh <[email protected]> wrote:
> Just curious if anyone out there has any recommendations for FPGA
> conferences: Which ones provide the most insight into FPGA design
> (latest verification, design, methodologies/techniques)? Where have
> you learned the most that you can apply to your job?

I have been quite satisfied with FPL the two times I've been there.
The keynote speakers have always been interesting and during the
normal sessions you can always find something which seems interesting.
There are also lots of opportunities to discuss interesting things with
other attendees.

However, I should warn you that I'm in academia and may have other views
on whether a conference is good or not than you do. (I'm guessing that
you are not in academia.) My advice would be to read some of the papers
from FPL before you decide to go there.

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