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> Well if you pay!
> Rimmer

This is something of a sore point with me, but I'm a bit fed up of
people taking the moral high ground when it comes to getting services
for free on the internet, versus paying for them to ensure the upkeep
of worthwhile institutions and individual enterprises (I'm not having a
go at you here Rimmer, I'm just talking in general).

If there is a knock on my office door, and a colleague sticks his head
in and asks can he have a lend of my "digital communications" by
Proakis, or some other book, I of course say no problem, and give them
a lend.

So what is wrong with doing exactly the same thing on the internet,
here on comp.dsp. A lot of the references we come across would be from
conferences or journals from the IEEE. While I am a subscriber to
several societies and publications of the IEEE, if there is one paper
that was in the 1996 Asian colloquium on quantum computing, there is no
way I'll have access to that unless I fork over the $10.00 for that
paper to the IEEE... if I keep that up every time it will cost me

Now consider asking the lads and lassies here on comp.dsp, (with many
of whom we have more regular contact than some of our office
colleagues!) and what is wrong with the metaphorical knock on the door
and asking for an electronic version of a paper if someone happens to
have it.

I will admit this could be abused, to the point where no-one subscribes
to the IEEE at all, and everything is pirated, but that is an
unrealistic scenario, as every practising engineer who relies on
publication access tends to subscribe at least to the publications of
interest to him/her.

I am sure that I am gonna get a big spiel about advocating theft, and
all the little crimes add up yadda yadda. But in my opinion, a group
like comp.dsp is an exact equivalent of an office situation whereby you
lend a book to someone, and you wont hear many people denouncing that
kind of generosity as a crime.


maybe I should just keep my head below the turret...

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