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Mike Treseler
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Default Re: VHDL language of choice?

Tim Hubberstey wrote:

> Foremost among these, IMO, is the issue of a built-in pre-processor.
> Nearly every person I have encountered who is just learning VHDL, but
> has experience with another language, asks: Why is there no
> pre-processor/macro capability?

Hi Tim,

I came from a hardware background and found
it odd when first maintaining a C program that I had to
wade through a nest of #ifndefs and hack
some #defines to get the options right.
Maintaining the *almost* C-like macros
can also be challenging for a bit bouncer.

> Then there are the issues that, I believe (perhaps incorrectly), can't
> (or shouldn't) be addressed by any solution other than a pre-processor.
> One of the most common issues is having optional ports in an entity
> declaration.

If it's my code, I am inclined to just edit in the change
and use version control to dig it up if I ever have to.
If it's an untouchable entity, I can make a wrapper
in about a minute.

> Finally, there is the whole issue of compiler directives.

I prefer to keep my code free of directives and
make those settings in the back-end files.

-- Mike Treseler
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