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Jim Lewis
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Default Re: VHDL language of choice?

The statistics I heard was that in 2001 VHDL had
60% of the FPGA market. Verilog had 15% of the
FPGA market and the remaining 25% went to other
entry methods. Hence the early FPGA tool development
and FPGA model development favored VHDL.

With the a large portion of the market shifting from
ASIC to FPGA I am sure the market share has changed, but
that does not change the pre-existing intellectual
property for FPGAs being developed in VHDL.

The historic opposite happened with Verilog in the
ASIC market. Verilog was first to have a gate level
netlist, and hence, became a significant solution for
the ASIC market.

All marketing statistics I have seen where the Verilog
crowd claims to have market share are based on EDA tool
sales, where the ASIC tools cost >>> the FPGA tools, and
hence, showed that more $$$ were spent on Verilog tools.
This is a significant measure for EDA tool vendors as it
indicates where there is money to be made. It was never
a measure of users, although some would like to convince
you it is. Because of this, many emphatically believe that
Verilog has a significant lead in user adoption. It is the
difference of looking at numbers rather than looking at data.

There is an on-going revision of VHDL in progress. It is
adding a number of significant features (such as uncostrained
arrays of arrays - very useful in parameterized models),
generics on packages, packages for fixed and floating
point, integration of PSL, and language simplification
(case and if statements). In the area of math, VHDL will
have an advantage over Verilog/System Verilog as they don't
have their own solution for these fixed and floating point.
For more details see the papers page at:

In the next revision (immediately following this one) we will
be adding enhanced verification features, similar to what
System Verilog has done (such as constrained random). We will
also be using the new features of the language (specifically
generics on packages) to write packages that implement advanced
verification data structures (such as queues, FIFOS, and

Best Regards,
Jim Lewis
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Jim Lewis
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> Folks,
> I was talking to some electronics buffs on a chat channel, and they
> were telling me that only Universities and DOD uses VHDL. I thought it
> was hogwash, but wanted to find out if many commercial companies are
> using the language earnestly. The resident HDL expert was saying
> verilog is the language of choice these days. Is that true? I
> personally prefer VHDL because the I already have too many reference
> materials on how to use it.
> Thanks,
> -HT

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