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Allan Herriman
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Default Re: Modelsim 5.7c behaviour

On Wed, 08 Oct 2003 10:50:04 +0200, Ingmar Seifert
<[email protected]> wrote:

>I use Modelsim 5.7c since yesterday. Before this I uses 5.6e.
>I now get a warning when compiling a vhdl-file, in the following form:
>WARNING[10]: E:/Hu-Moment-Berechnung/src/hu_unit.vhd(162): Synthesis
>Warning: Signal "state" appears in process "steuerung"'s senstivity
>list, but it is not used in the clock expression or reset expression.
>I have set all signals, thta are read in a process in it's sensitivity
>list. Former versions of modelsim showed an error, when the signal names
>were missing. This version schows an error, when the signals are there.
>What's wrong with my code or modelsim?

The prevision version of Modelsim (5.6e) was wrong. The new version
(5.7c) is correct.
Previously, Modelsim would check that every signal used in the process
was in the sensitivity list. This is fine for combinatorial but wrong
for clocked processes.

Now, it can identify clocked processes (or clocked processes with
async resets), and checks that only the clocks and resets are in the
sensitivity list.

>My code:
>steuerung: PROCESS(HU_UNIT_EN, div_xs_quotient, div_xs_rdy, state,CLK,RESET)

should be:

>steuerung: PROCESS(CLK,RESET)

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