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L. Schreiber
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Default Re: area group constraint problem (more detailed)

> But now I'm getting an error (while implementation stage - don't know
> exactly at the moment).

Ok, the error occured while translation in implementation phase.

> I can't post the exact error message at the moment, but it will be given
> later if it's necessary.

Here is the exact error message from the translation report:

Reading NGO file "/home/schrl/ise/virtex2p/reconf_rs232/top.ngc" ...

Applying constraints in "top.ucf" to the design...
ERROR:NgdBuild:753 - "top.ucf" Line 27: Could not find instance(s)
stat_r' in the design. To suppress this error specify the correct
instance name or remove the constraint.

I'm trying these first suggestions from M. Hicks and MH.

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