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Default Re: using fpga as programmable connection

"joe" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected] .
> hi,
> thanks for the answers.
> because board area is very limited i was looking for a possibility to do a
> (kind of) quick and dirty address data-bus extention on demand where i
> additionally can write hardware peripherals in the fpga connected to this
> bus but also extend the bus through the fpga if desired (as i said, kind
> of "dirty")...

But now that you make known your real desire to extend a bus and have some
registers to access, an FPGA solution is plenty viable. Thinking that you
needed a bi-directional connection with no sense of which end is driving or
receiving as you stated in your original post is a completely different

In any case, extending a bus is easily doable in any FPGA that has enough
I/O pins and meets voltage standards of the things that it is connected


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