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Default Xilinx Multilink Connection not working


I have a Xilinx Multilink cable that I would like to use to communicate
with a Xilinx VirtexII that is hosted on a PCI Mezzanine board. I
connected the PCI Mezzanine board with the cable following the
guidelines in the User Guide for Xilinx Impact. In other words, I
connected the GND, VCC, TDO, TDI, TCK and TMS. There is a green led on
the Multilink cable, which is not flashing although power supply should
be provided by the PCI card. The PCI card itself is working, so I dont
know if I have to switch into a special kind of mode so that the JTAG
interface is enabled? Does anyone have any experience with that? Or is
the Multilink cable probably broken?

Thanks for any assistance!
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