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Default Re: New Laptop for work

On Nov 20, 1:36 pm, General Schvantzkoph <[email protected]>
> I'm waiting until January when the Penryns come out. The Penryns have 6M
> caches and amazingly low power. NCVerilog seems to be very sensitive to
> cache size, my benchmarking shows dramatic performance increases with
> each jump in cache size. I don't know if we've reached the point of
> diminishing returns after 4M but it seems like it would be worth the wait
> for the 6M Penryns to find out.

Yes, I hope I can wait. But I expect the Penryns to be priced out of
my range. I also don't have any confidence that they will be out at
any given time. Intel may be shipping in January, but that doesn't
mean they will appear in any laptops other than very high end for a
while longer.
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