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Default Re: New Laptop for work

On Nov 19, 3:54 am, Guru <[email protected]> wrote:
> About the display: 15.4" in not enough for a real work.
> You should better buy a 17", your eyes would be pleased.
> As they say: integrated graphic card is OK if you do not use 3D
> programs.

Yes, I am a big fan of large displays. But I don't want to get
Vista. The only machines I have found that come with XP are Dell
Vostro (or the much more expensive business models) and they don't
provide XP with the 17 inch models for some reason. I even mentioned
to the guy on the phone that they would be losing a sale because of
this and he said he would pass that on.

Actually, I am very impressed with the Vostro 1500 models in terms of
price and functionality. Even the 1700 model (17 inch display) is a
pretty good buy at around $850, but my understanding is that Vista
uses so much memory that 2 GB is not a lot. Buying ram from them is
absurdly high so I don't want to have to go above the 2 GB that come
with the machine... what ever happened to the days of 640 kB being a
lot of RAM??? How fast do you think XST would run if it was rewritten
to work with mag tape?

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