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Default Re: New Laptop for work

On Nov 19, 8:30 am, "HT-Lab" <[email protected]> wrote:
> The point I should have made is that memory prices are at an all time low so
> don't skimp on it especially since most laptops are now dual core so you
> might need some reserves for your VMware session :-)

Thanks to all for their insights.

Isn't memory at all time low prices most of the time? That alone does
not make any given amount cheap. Especially with Dell! They will
give you 1 or 2 GB with the machine and then charge you another $300
or more to bump it up to 4 GB!

If you think memory is cheap now, just give it until after Christmas!
It has been predicted for some time that both RAM and Flash prices
would be creeping up with the extra demand for the holidays. But
instead it has continued to creep down. With the softening of demand
following the holidays, memory prices should come down another 10 to
20% by February.

Besides, this will be *a* work machine, but if I have large designs to
deal with, I will come up with a desktop that can easily (and cheaply)
be maxed out on memory.

BTW, if I am running Win2K, does it have the same 3.2 GB limitation or
is it less? I assume the 3.2 GB limit is from the 32 bit address
size? Why is it 3.2 instead of 4 GB?

The small form factor machine is not really the best way to go since
not only can you not use it in an airport, you can't use it anywhere
you don't have a monitor and keyboard. At this time I feel I really
need a laptop.
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