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Default Re: V4FX: Cannot access EMAC1 of Dual MAC system

> You probably forgot to set C_TEMAC_INST in the second PLB temac (in
> addition to C_TEMAC_BOTH_USED).
> I hear there is tcl code to catch this in Xilinx's code, but it's commented
> out...

You may be on to something. In EDK, the C_TEMAC_INST parameter is
shown as "Auto Computed" in the "Configure IP" dialog box.
However, looking at my libgen.log file i see the following message:

C:\EDK9.1\hw\XilinxProcessorIPLib\pcores\plb_temac _v3_00_a\data
1_0.mpd line 56 - plb_temac_1 (plb_temac) tcl is overriding
C_TEMAC_INST value to 0

I also see the same message in the platgen.log and system.log files.
I guess the question now is, how can i override this value manually
and prevent the tools from doing this?

Oh, I double checked, and C_TEMAC_BOTH_USED is checked in both
instances of plb_temac cores, so that parameter looks correct.

Thanks for the help, Ben. I think I may be on th right track now.
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