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Andrew FPGA
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Default Re: Xilinx Chipscope Pro in EDK system - ILA:how specify separatesignals for data capture and triggering?

Hi Roger,
Thanks for the info, but following your suggestion does not appear to
be any different than going to the menu Debug->debug configuration and
selecting ila0.
Sure you can set the trigger port width and data width. You can also
add signals to the Trigger input. But how do I add signals to the DATA
ila input?
I can use the system assembly view with ports filter is see the ILA
ports. I can see the data port, but the connection drop down list only
allows me to connect one signal at a time. Of course I want to connect
several different signals to the Ila Data port but can't see how?

> It is very straightforward, you have one data port and one trig port
> on the chipscope IP in EDK.

Yes it describes this in the documentation, but it is quite unclear as
to how one connects signals in the design to the Data port.

> Then you have to configure the IP by right-
> clicking the IP and choose configure IP. You have to set the data and
> trigger port widths. You should only edit the mhs file if your'e
> certain about the syntax.

Yeah, and I don't know the syntax for the Data port, nor have I been
able to find it.

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