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Default Re: Xilinx Chipscope Pro in EDK system - ILA:how specify separatesignals for data capture and triggering?

On Nov 15, 4:08 am, Andrew FPGA <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is an embarrassing question to be asking - how does one attach
> signals from the edk design to the chipscope ILA? When I sit down at
> my desk to debug with a benchtop logic analyser, the first thing I do
> is attach the probes to the pcb - I kinda expected it would be simple
> and straightforward with chipscope pro also?
> I'm using EDK 9.1i, sp3. I used the debug->debug config menu and
> selected an ILA. Its easy to select signals and add them to Trig0. But
> if I want the trigger and data capture signals to be different, where
> and how do I attach signals in my design to the data capture port on
> the ILA?
> (I have limited resources remaining on my FPGA and I only need a few
> simple signals connected to the trigger input, but I want a wider
> selection of signals captured in the trace buffer)
> I tried manually editing the ILA component in the .mhs file, by adding
> the entry below:
> EthInterfaceTimestamp_0_rx_dv_falling_edge_r_to_ch ipscope_ila_0 &
> EthInterfaceTimestamp_0_rx_dv_rising_edge_r_to_chi pscope_ila_0 &
> EthInterfaceTimestamp_0_tx_en_falling_edge_r_to_ch ipscope_ila_0 &
> EthInterfaceTimestamp_0_tx_en_rising_edge_r_to_chi pscope_ila_0 &
> EthInterfaceTimestamp_0_timestamp_to_chipscope_ila _0
> Which caused edk to crash...Is editing the .mhs file ok?
> Regards
> Andrew

Hi Andrew,

It is very straightforward, you have one data port and one trig port
on the chipscope IP in EDK. Then you have to configure the IP by right-
clicking the IP and choose configure IP. You have to set the data and
trigger port widths. You should only edit the mhs file if your'e
certain about the syntax.

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