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Colin Paul Gloster
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Default Re: synopsys translate_off

news:[email protected]m
timestamped Thu, 15 Nov 2007 10:27:24 -0800 (PST), Pasacco
<[email protected]> posted:
|"[..] |
| |
|My question is that |
| |
|What does the following mean? |
|How can we find the library "VIRTEX2" and map? |
|-------------------------------------- |
|-- pragma translate_off |
|library VIRTEX2; |
|use VIRTEX2.all; |
|-- pragma translate_on |
|-------------------------------------- |
| |
|Thank you for reply in advance." |

-- pragma translate_off is to inform Synopsys to not to try to
synthesize the following code before -- pragma translate_on. The
intention is to allow code which can be e.g. simulated but which is
not to be synthesized, but you are experiencing a problem in getting
the simulation to run. Is it extremely important to you to have a
precise model of the BRAM? Would it be acceptable to substitute the
synthesized Virtex2's BRAMs with a functional generic RAM in the simulation?
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