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Default V4FX: Cannot access EMAC1 of Dual MAC system

I am implementing an PowerPC embedded system in EDK and am trying to
use both emac0 and emac1 hard cores of the fpga. I have implemented
two instances of the plb_temac ip core and the hard_temac core in EDK.
I've configured the hard_mac core's parameters to include EMAC1, and
have assigned unique identifiers to both macs (emac0 = 0, emac1 = 1).
I've also connected the "Provider/Command shared host bus" between
the two plb_temac cores per the datasheet MHS example.

Using chipscope, i've observed that the host bus to the hard MAC is
functioning during read/writes for emac0, but not when addressing
emac1. It seems that the plb_temac for emac1 does not initiate a
transfer on the host bus.

Has anyone ever configured a dual temac PPC system? I would appreciate
any ideas as I am running out.

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