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Default Synthesis-place&route performance test.

I would like to find out how well different system setups performs
when it comes to Synthesis, Place & Route with Xilinx ISE tools. I
would like you to synth/place/route the source package below. And then
reply with:
cpu type, cpu frequency,
ram type, ram size,
motherboard vendor/model,
operating system (uname -a),
total time used.


Tested on linux Xilinx ISE 8.1i.
If you run any linux compatible system it's just to download and type:
bzip2 -dc Minimig1.tar.bz2 | tar -xvpf -
cd Minimig1
time make ; uname -a

The makefile might work in win32 enviroment (or use the gui).
Even obsolete systems is of interest. To get more data on which
factors that makes a performance difference.

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