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Default Re: implementing MAC protocols on fpga

thanks for that fnd, but i am working on wireless protocols, not a
cable LAN....
does this work for wireless too??
Stef wrote:
> In comp.arch.fpga,
> dilip <[email protected]> wrote:
> > hi fnds, i am working on implementing MAC protocols on fpga...i am a
> > bit stuck in the way to start the process, like, how to give 2
> > simultaneous inputs to an fpga? and how to detect if collision has
> > occured or not?
> > so, if anyone can help pls post a reply...

> Are you talking about Ethernet?
> If so, you need an analog frontend to interface with the cable, you can
> not directly connect the cable to the FPGA. Easiest (and only?) option is
> to use an Ethernet PHY. The PHY handles the analog stuff, speed
> negotiation, collisions and other stuff. Connect it (or multiple) to
> your FPGA using the MII (or RMI) interface. Read the PHY datasheet and
> google for other ethernet information sources.
> --
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