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Default Re: implementing MAC protocols on fpga

In comp.arch.fpga,
dilip <[email protected]> wrote:
> hi fnds, i am working on implementing MAC protocols on fpga...i am a
> bit stuck in the way to start the process, like, how to give 2
> simultaneous inputs to an fpga? and how to detect if collision has
> occured or not?
> so, if anyone can help pls post a reply...

Are you talking about Ethernet?

If so, you need an analog frontend to interface with the cable, you can
not directly connect the cable to the FPGA. Easiest (and only?) option is
to use an Ethernet PHY. The PHY handles the analog stuff, speed
negotiation, collisions and other stuff. Connect it (or multiple) to
your FPGA using the MII (or RMI) interface. Read the PHY datasheet and
google for other ethernet information sources.

Stef (remove caps, dashes and .invalid from e-mail address to reply by mail)

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