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Philip Potter
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Default Re: EDK 9.2 install problem

Philip Potter wrote:
> Hi there,
> We just received EDK 9.2 but there seems to be an error in the install.
> I tried to install it and got the error message "F:\idata\
> error in zipfile". The installer continued after this message, with the
> percentage progress bar continuing to rise, but at some point afterwards
> the windows closes and leaves me with a half-installed EDK install.
> I took a screenshot of the error message here:

I got to the bottom of this in the end. I took the DVD out of the drive
and it had more scratches on it than was healthy. The ISE disk that came
with EDK also had plenty of scracthes, and we'd never taken it out of
the case! I wonder what could have caused them?

Philip Potter pgp <at>
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