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Default Re: Students: where to go for help


Yes, this was in part a reply to you, but I had marked the thread
"ignore" as I had already made a note to contact the support group, and
find out what we were doing.

C.A.F. is a good place to ask if others have the same problem: yes.
And, unlike a webcase, Peter and I do read all of the postings (even if
we do not choose to reply).

In the past, we did not have a specific link for questions that
professors used, but as of last week, now we do. So, for your
professor, it should be easier to enter a XUP webcase now.

The only rumor I have heard is that now that we have software releases
on DVDs, they are more susceptible to scratching and damage if left
without their covers, and may be ruined much more easily than a CD would
be. So, if those DVDs were left out, and got tossed about, they may
well be scratched, and won't work.

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