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Philip Potter
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Default Re: Students: where to go for help

austin wrote:
> Students,
> Please ask your professor to file a XUP webcase for you, if he/she
> agrees that yours is a problem that requires our help.
> It is impossible for Xilinx to support all students directly, so our XUP
> program includes a means of support, through your professor.
> As an ex-professor myself, I actually appreciated it when a student came
> to my office hours. It is a very boring time, when no one shows up, and
> yet you are well aware that everyone can't possibly be a genius!
> So, do your prof a favor: pay them a visit, and maybe he or she will
> agree that the problem is one that they should send to our support
> group. The best case is that they solve your problem right there. The
> worst case is that the professor realizes that you are not stupid, and
> are willing to ask for help (a real asset when you then go to work
> somewhere -- employers don't really want to hire people who beat their
> heads against the walls, and stay "stuck").

I assume that you wrote this message partly in response to my recent
"EDK 9.2 install problem", though I can't tell because you started a new
thread rather than respond to mine.

In fact I wrote to comp.arch.fpga /after/ speaking to my supervisor
about the problem - he agreed asking here would be a good idea. Not only
do I know that Xilinx has a presence here, I could also see if this was
a common problem among other Xilinx users. It seems that it is not a
common problem, and is probably a defective install disk, so no need to
open a WebCase anyway.

Philip Potter pgp <at>
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