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Default Students: where to go for help


Please ask your professor to file a XUP webcase for you, if he/she
agrees that yours is a problem that requires our help.

It is impossible for Xilinx to support all students directly, so our XUP
program includes a means of support, through your professor.

As an ex-professor myself, I actually appreciated it when a student came
to my office hours. It is a very boring time, when no one shows up, and
yet you are well aware that everyone can't possibly be a genius!

So, do your prof a favor: pay them a visit, and maybe he or she will
agree that the problem is one that they should send to our support
group. The best case is that they solve your problem right there. The
worst case is that the professor realizes that you are not stupid, and
are willing to ask for help (a real asset when you then go to work
somewhere -- employers don't really want to hire people who beat their
heads against the walls, and stay "stuck").

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