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Default Re: Strange VHDL Error

"Sascha Frank" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
>> Maybe just use "end package;" instead of "end package RISC_Pkg;"?

> Thanks for your answer Dave. The problem is, that I am using Modelsim 5.7
> and that I have a tool that is compatible with Modelsim 6.1.
> In other words, I have to do a lot of work by hand so that it works
> with the older Modelsim version.
> The tool outputs
> component TEST is
> whereas the older Modelsim just accepts
> component TEST
> so there are some issiues. Anyone an idea for a workaround?
> Or do I have to right a PERL script that parses me the VHDL file
> and corrects it accordingly?

You are using VHDL93 syntax with VHDL87, try vcom -93 xx.vhd


> Many thanks!

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