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Wei Wang
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Default Re: Is it possible to check how cache memories are mapped to FPGA block rams?

On Oct 29, 7:42 pm, Eric Smith <[email protected]> wrote:
> Wei Wang <[email protected]> writes:
> > Hello, I implemented an ARM1176JZFS on a Virtex 5 FPGA, but it seems
> > that the
> > cache memories of the processor are not behaving correctly and I
> > have to turn off the caches for application programs
> > to run correctly on the processor. Just wondering whether it is
> > possible to check whether the processor memories have been mapped
> > correctly onto the block rams on FPGA. Thanks, -Wei

> Perhaps if you post the actual project (or put a copy on a web site and
> post a URL), some of us can take a look at it and try to help debug
> it. Otherwise we don't have very much to go on.
> Eric

Eric, I appreciate your willingness to dig further to help, but my
question was how I could check the block ram mapping of my design
which I thought it was quite generic, and I would expect answers, such
as, look at somewhere or look for something in the synthesis log file,
or open fpga editor and look for instantiations of primitives. BTW, I
suppose most of us in this group do not work for ourselves, only lazy
university students would post their entire project and let somebody
else do the work for them. Thanks!

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