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Default registers are not shown in waveform (xilinx microblaze)

Hello fpga community

I try to compile a testbench in order to observe the waveforms of the
registers of microblaze. The problem is that i cannot see any set of
MicroBlaze register waves (32 assigned mb registers) after the
generation of the waveform screen (compile, simulate, run.. ).

Initializing a project in EDK, input microblaze and memory type ip's
and trying to input adress values to be inserted from memory into
Microblaze processor. I follow the standard procedure.. compiling,
generating addresses - libraries - netlist, assign drivers, and
heading to simulation through modelsim. Rest of waveforms are there
(sets of mb, opb, lmb, debug, bram...). Can anyone provide me some

Thank you very much in advance.

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