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Florian Stock
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Default Re: Paper about selecting fixed point bit widths?

[email protected] writes:

> Can anyone point me to a good general purpose paper about selecting
> appropriate bit-widths for a fixed point implementation of a signal
> processing algorithm? I've looked around and haven't found anything
> that describes a general methodology to use.

Here is also some Matlab based toolbox, I used
.. Not very usefull for me, because it didnt convert automaticly / and
sqrt, and so I also started manual transformation.

From Washington came the Precise Framework, look for it here:

And if I remember right, there was a chapter about word length
optimization in a book from some of
the Lononder Imperial College (...some google-seconds later...):
George Constantinides, Peter Cheung und Wayne Luk
"Synthesis and Optimization of DSP Algorithms"

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