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Default M-RAM allocation in Stratix EPS125B672C6

Hi ,

I am using Altera Quartus II version 4.0 . The EPS125 device has
138 M4K blocks
224 M512 blocks
2 number of 512K Mram blocks

has a total of 1,944,576 bits.

trimatrix.html )

the problem i am facing is i am trying to fit in 4 buffer data blocks
each of size 16384*14 bits
(total 229376*4 =917504)
plus i have additional fifo and single port Ram of sizes 8192 , and
1500 bits

The problem is though there is adequate RAM available , I am not able
to fit in all the memory; only 48% of the RAM is used.

The fitter resourse summary says more M-Ram blocks are required but
most of M4K and M512 blokcs are not used. ie 40/224 M512 blocks are
used, 2/138 M4K blocks and 2-MRam blocks...

I am fairly new to FPGAs and stuff so i would appreciate all help.

thanks and regards.

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