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Default Re: Spartan 3A Starter Kit Multiboot Demo Config 4 Display Problem

On 7 Mai, 04:43, "Bryan" <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi all, sorry for the confusion, anyway to answer any doubts, the said demo
> was the one as described by Eric Crabill where you can edit the picture from
> the camera on the video display. The hardware used is also as described by
> Eric. This design i am not sure why is it not posted yet. Well i do work in
> Xilinx Asia Pacific and i have posted internal tech support as well but no
> reply yet. Also I did not see this demo at XFEST , rather tomorrow is XFEST
> @ Singapore and I am manning the booth, so that is why i sound so troubled
> and urgent. Meanwhile i have contacted faes and sales rep as well so
> hopefully it will all work out.
> (P.S: I am not that well versed in FPGA system level design yet, just a
> newbie)


dont worry so much - when I was at X-Fest munich then the first
question I asked at Spartan-3A booth:
"may i see the DNA demo?" caused the support personal to seek for
printed documents and reading them (means they had not done their

While seeing the S3A board first time I figured out the way to start
the DNA demo before the support personel found it the printed

So it is good that you are trying todo your homework ahead of time, it
may avoid trouble with difficult questions at the booth. I hope that
you do not get trouble asking a "xilinx internal support question" at
public newsgroups, as in many times c.a.f. can deliver results WAY
faster then Xilinx WebCase.

sidenote to Xilinx: there is room for improvment for information flow
within Xilinx? (To improve the ability of Xilinx employees to support
Xilinx customers)


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