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Jim Granville
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Default Re: Spartan 3A Starter Kit Multiboot Demo Config 4 Display Problem

Eric Crabill wrote:
> Hi Bryan,
> Maybe you saw the video pass through design at an XFEST event or at the
> Spartan-3AN press release event? Otherwise, I am not sure how you would
> know it exists. If you are looking for that design, please contact your
> local FAE or sales representative for assistance. I am not sure if/when
> this design will be posted.

Err.., I think he IS the local FAE / Sales rep, as his address
claims Xilinx ?.

It maybe that it was an 'oops' posting, meant to go upstream inside
Xilinx. [yes, does happen sometimes...]

Any comments/release schedules re Antti's questions about DDR2 working
examples on 3A demo system ?


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