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Eric Crabill
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Default Re: Spartan 3A Starter Kit Multiboot Demo Config 4 Display Problem

Hi Bryan,

The Spartan-3A Starter Kit, as shipped, does not include a "video pass
through" demo. The main demo does allow you to MultiBoot to other designs
in the flash, and there is a "configuration 4" but that design is actually
Ken Chapman's parallel flash programmer design.

Now, it does happen to be the case that other designs exist, but they are
not (yet) posted. One of them is a video pass through design, where you
connect a Digilent VDEC1 board to J17, and apply a composite video signal.
The video is decoded on that expansion board, then color space converted and
line doubled for output on the VGA port. In addition, there is a provision
to use an attached mouse to draw on the live video (a monochrome, bitmapped
overlay) and load/save overlay bitmaps into the flash. There is another
derivative design, scheduled for release with the Spartan-3AN Starter Kit,
that omits the video decoding, resulting in a design that is much like the
Microsoft Windows "Paint" accessory...

Maybe you saw the video pass through design at an XFEST event or at the
Spartan-3AN press release event? Otherwise, I am not sure how you would
know it exists. If you are looking for that design, please contact your
local FAE or sales representative for assistance. I am not sure if/when
this design will be posted.

As for the derived "paint" design, that will be available when the
Spartan-3AN Starter Kit is released. This specific design only works on
Spartan-3AN as it leverages the internal flash for storing the bitmaps.

Regarding your final question, I am not sure I understood what you are
asking. I encourage you to file a support case with the Xilinx customer
support team to receive official support for your product.

Hope that helps,

"Bryan" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> Hi, My name is Bryan from Xilinx Asia Pacific. I have on hand a Spartan 3A
> Starter Kit . However, I was trying out Multiboot Demo Config option 4
> which is a video pass through demo that does not seem to work out though.
> I hook up a camera through a composite cable to a video decoder peripheral
> which is connected to the starter kit via J17 connector. In addition a LCD
> monitor is also connected via VGA port to the Starter Kit. No image
> appears on the monitor when config 4 was run. I thought I was supposed to
> see images captured by the camera on the LCD. Can anyone help me with
> this?
> Also I would like to ask is it possible to port a design within the
> Spartan 3A Starter Kit PROM to another Spartan 3A Starter Kit PROM. If it
> is possible, what are the steps needed to be done?
> Thank you

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