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Daniel O'Connor
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Default Re: windrvr for Linux broken in 2.6.16

[email protected]d wrote:
> Rapid changes in kernel interface is something that is avoided within bsd
> operating systems (freebsd, netbsd, openbsd) due more conservative code
> acceptence policy.. Should ever try it

I'd just prefer Xilinx publish the code for cableserver and standardise all
their tools to use it.

There's no reason all this could be done in userland (ppdev) and have
maximum compatibility (and trivial portability).

For faster performance you could write a driver (with source which
bundled together JTAG ops or something.. Even pure userland is not terribly
slow (I have an XC3/XCF programmer which is not much slower than impact)

I'm sure you're all sick of me mentioning this by now of course 8-)

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