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Default Re: Multiple Write Port Register Files

JJ wrote:
> Luke wrote:
>>I'm working on a project that needs four write ports in a number of
>>different register files. I'm already aware of time-multiplexing and
>>partitioning. Generating a flop-based register file would take far too
>>many resources.
>>Are there any other methods of implementing multiple write ports on a
>>single register file? Any nifty workarounds people have done? Any
>>paper ideas?

> Google this group back a few weeks, the solution was presented in
> detail to the exact same same question.
> John Jakson

Bottom line: If you're using distributed memory (async read) rather than
BlockRAM style memory and don't want to time multiplex, you'll need 4
memories per independent port (4 write ports, one read -> 20 memories)
and as many XORs. Registers might not be so resource intensive after all.
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