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c d saunter
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Default Re: Opteron HT coprocessors

Thomas Womack ([email protected]) wrote:

: I'm not sure that a hypertransport-attached CCD is very practical: HT
: is a short-range interconnect, and I suspect it's fast enough that
: you'd have great difficulty implementing it in the rather peculiar fab
: processes required to make a CCD.

: I can't find a datasheet for a modern CCD, but the obsolete TC237
: has only twelve pins, requires rather complicated digital waveforms
: on five of them, and outputs analogue pixel data on two more; you
: want to keep the ADC as close to the detector as possible, I'd have
: thought connecting the ADCs via an FPGA to gigabit-ethernet channels

Indeed. Most CCDs are analogue devices with external drivers for a reason
- they need rapidly slewing clocks to read them out and very low noise
amplifiers + ADCs to digitize the data. For sure gigabit eth or whatever
serial protocal may be used, doesn't rally matter as long as the rate's
high enough and the latency low enough - it'd just be nice if the opteron
socketed FPGA and similar projets had serial transcievers to talk such
high speed serial links :-)


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