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Andrew Lohbihler
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Default Re: ERROR:iMPACT:1210 - '1':Boundary-scan chain test failed at bit position '1'

"boru" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> hi everyone,
> i am curently debugging a board developed havin vitex chip... when i
> try to program this board following error occurs.
> ERROR:iMPACT:1210 - '1':Boundary-scan chain test failed at bit position
> '1'
> i tried to go through the xilinx website and found some instruction but
> that did not help ..
> if any one encountered the same problem .... your help will be
> appreciated......
> One of the reason I am thinking is the the speed with which the virtex
> chip and Jtag are operating are not matching, correct me if I am wrong.
> If yes is there anyway to change frequency of JTAG.

That error typically appears when there is no communication path to the FPGA
or SPROM. Many things can cause this error, from lack of power to poor
connections. Check that your test board has the correct jumper setting for
boundary-scan. What board are you using?

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